Supernatural Community: Standalone Novels


His rogue wolf craves her blood, yet his heart aches for her to save his soul.

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Publishing November 15, 2020

A sizzling standalone novel set in the Supernatural Community world.

Supernatural Community: Magic in Light — Paranormal Shifter Romance 


A supernatural healer threatened by a deadly stalker. A sexy bodyguard she can't resist. And his secret that will shatter her entire world.

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 The Makanza Series — Dystopian Romance


A deadly virus. A brilliant young researcher. And an infected survivor who threatens to steal her heart.


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The Lost Children Trilogy — YA Paranormal


Eight strangers with mysterious tattoos, missing memories, and unique paranormal powers must come together to seek answers to their forgotten past before the truth catches up with them.

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The Lost Children World 

A Spin-Off Series of The Lost Children Trilogy 


A spin-off collection that features all of your favorite characters from The Lost Children Trilogy. Filled with adventure, romance, and supernatural twists.


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 Complete Box Sets Currently Available 

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The Complete Makanza Series
is available on:

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The Lost Children Trilogy
is available on:

The Complete Lost Children Series - 3D B

The Complete Lost Children Series
is available on:

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