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Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what order should I read Krista's Supernatural World books?


Krista's Supernatural World series are all entirely separate series and may be read in any order.  However, each series should be started with book one as none of the books are standalones.


The four Supernatural World series Krista currently has published (in publishing order) are:

  • Supernatural Community (book one is Magic in Light)

  • Supernatural Institute (book one is Fated by Starlight)

  • Supernatural Curse (book one is Wolf of Fire)

  • Fae of Snow & Ice (book one is Court of Winter)

Since all of these series are set in Krista's Supernatural World, there is character crossover, meaning some characters make appearances in more than one series. They do live in the same world after all, so it's only natural that they run into each other at times. However, Krista is careful not to reveal any spoilers if a character does pop into another series to say hello. :)

2. Will Krista's Fae of Snow & Ice series be available in hardcover?

Yes, the entire Fae of Snow & Ice series will be publishing in hardcover beginning July 1, 2024. All four books will be available in hardcover by September, 2024.

3. How do I get an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy)?

Krista opens her ARC team from time to time. In order to be considered to receive an ARC, sign up for her newsletter. ARC team openings are only offered to newsletter subscribers.

4. Why can't I find Krista's ebooks on all retail sites?

Krista's Supernatural World ebooks are exclusive to Amazon because she participates in their Kindle Unlimited program which demands exclusivity. However, some of her paperbacks and audiobooks can be found at multiple retailers, and her Young Adult books can be found on all major retailers.

5. What is Krista currently writing?

Krista is currently plotting and planning her next series, which will take place in her Supernatural World. When book one's release date is decided, it will be posted on her website, Facebook page, and Instagram.


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