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New Release Texts

If you live in the United States or Canada, sign up for text alerts so you know when Krista releases a new book!

Text the word ALERTS to

(888) 403-4316 on your mobile phone.

A text message will come straight to your phone when Krista releases a new book, and we'll only text you when Krista has a new release. No spam!

Message and date rates may apply. You’ll get 1-2 texts each time Krista releases a new book. To unsubscribe text STOP to (888) 403-4316. If you accidentally unsubscribe and want to re-subscribe, text UNSTOP to (888) 403-4316 (instead of texting ALERTS). Last, we will never share your phone number with anyone. For Krista Street's full privacy policy, click the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of this screen.
 Krista Street's Newsletter 

If you live outside of the United States or Canada, sign up for Krista's newsletter so you know when she releases new books! NO SPAM! And you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you are contacting us directly to report a Facebook profile that seems suspicious, please note that there are quite a few fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram that are scammers pretending to be Krista.

Krista never sends random messages to readers and authors on Facebook. If you receive one, please report these profiles as fake to Meta and then block them to protect yourself.


To verify Krista's actual social media accounts, follow the links on the bottom of each website page (below). If a social media account doesn't match what's on this website, then they are SCAMMERS. They are not Krista.


Please stay safe, and keep yourself protected!

Direct Contact

Thanks for submitting!

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