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Each box set is only $1

February 26 & 27 only!


My mother should have killed me the day I was born. Now I have to kill my sister.


Jessa must train as a color alchemist under the tutelage of the kingdom’s most eligible bachelor—even if her secrets and his deceit destroys them both.

The Complete Lost Children Series - 3D B

Lena's not the only one with a mysterious tattoo and supernatural ability. The dark-eyed man she's drawn to may share her forgotten past. 


She’s the headstrong Fire Fae of Legend. He’s the sexy heir to the Caster throne. This won’t end well.


Royalty, romance, intrigue, and elemental magic. The competition could save her life...but only if she wins.


She must protect him to save herself, but if he learns who she truly is, will he do the same?


Ryann has just run into the guy who saved her life ten years ago. There’s only one problem—he’s not supposed to exist.


Magic is real…who knew? Too bad Josy sucks at it.


Vampires are real. Monsters are real. And if I’m going to stay alive I’ll have to fight back, and fight hard.


They’re using tears to steal magic.  Stolen magic equals slavery. Ambry must take up the fight.


Romance. Magic. Danger. Impossible odds. Four first in series fantasy novels for the price of one.


Can two broken souls fix a world that’s been shattered?

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