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Success at the Minnesota Writing Workshop!

It was a great day at the Minnesota Writing Workshop. Not only was it an excellent way to meet fellow writers, but it was also incredibly informative. Chuck Sambuchino was an awesome speaker. If you're a writer and haven't had the chance to hear him talk, I'd highly recommend grabbing the next opportunity. He's funny, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable about the publishing industry. I also had my first pitch session. I pitched the first book in The Makanza Series, Compound 26, to one agent and one editor. Both requested additional material which is really exciting. That was the first time I tried to "sell" Compound 26. I haven't queried that book to any agents but am now considering it. I love the flexibility and control of self-publishing, however, I also know it's harder to reach readers. We'll see what my future holds regarding traditional publishing!

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