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Cursed Lands is coming...

Hey all! Can you believe that May 7 is almost here?! Only 10 days until Cursed Lands publishes!

My story, Shadows & Light, is featured with 20+ other books in this epic collection...all for the incredible price of $0.99. Our goal with this set is to hit the USA Today Bestseller list, and we're working tirelessly to make that happen.

To preorder your copy, simply click here:

And to give you a taste of what's to come, below are a few excerpts from the set


Behind Glass by Elle Scott

She didn't know his name. But she knew his face... she knew his eyes. Blue. Unwavering. Blood-shot.

Whenever Eden drifted to sleep, his gem-like irises were the first thing she’d see. It was a cloudy vision from a broken and old memory. Something that felt close enough to touch, but always just out of reach.

He was gone because of her, or so she believed. She felt it in her bones. Eden knew she'd made a mistake, somehow, somewhere in a time she couldn't remember.

And, right before she found out the truth, she made another one. Monumental.

From the outside, the exact moment of her second mistake was easy to pinpoint. It started when she used the powers she didn't know she had. But looking a little deeper, it began with a memory. Small yet significant. Like a tiny spark caught a breath of air and rolled into a light so fierce it could blind even the sun.


Daughter of Dragons by A.J. Flowers

I controlled the dream better knowing what it was that I needed to do. I brought myself to the Ember Pit and buried my fingertips into the coals. The heat was a soothing caress and a needed resource against James and his ice.

I summoned him and he appeared, looking unsurprised. He sauntered into the flames, sending embers flying from his footsteps. He stopped short of arm’s-length and the ground sizzled to fill the silence.

“How can I help you, princess?” he asked, giving me a smirk. His glowing tattoos wound up his arms and he brushed one hand through his tousled hair.

“I need answers.”


Iron & Wine by Candace Osmond

I nearly drowned. But, as much as the fear was still fresh in my veins, the thought was already beginning to wash away. Replaced by a new feeling. An obsession. I was utterly enthralled with the world of Faerie and wanted nothing more than to explore it again.

Even if it killed me.

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