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The Makanza Series has arrived!

Hey guys! I'm so excited to announce that Compound 26 is now LIVE! And here's another reason I love being an indie author... I'd originally planned to launch this book March 5, but it was done and ready to go the beginning of February. So why wait, right? I went ahead and published it and have done the same with Reservation 1 (book 2) - which is also publishing earlier than planned. As for book 3, Section 12, that one will pub closer to the pre-order date, but it will still release earlier than stated. ;)

So far, the reviews have been very positive for this book (phew!). And my early readers for Reservation 1 are all giving similar, positive feedback. As an author, it's music to my ears! ♥

I hope you guys like this new series. It's been so FUN to write!! K-

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