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Remembered's available in audiobook, and Book 4 in The Makanza Series is coming along!

Hey all, just a quick update. Remembered, book 2 in The Lost Children Trilogy, is now available in audiobook! Stephanie Bentley has once again done an amazing job. I'm super happy with it. On another note, book 4 in The Makanza Series is coming along. It's officially 25% written as of yesterday. Stay tuned for a cover reveal and sneak peeks. Release will be summer, 2018. I'll give a month and day as things become more final.

As for what else is in the works... I'm either going to be publishing a spin-off series of The Lost Children Trilogy or something completely new. I'd love your feedback on what you want to read! If you came to this post from my FB page, please let me know in the comments on the FB page. :)

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